San Francisco Dental Savings Plan

A perfect dental insurance alternative for individuals, families, and small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, offered exclusively at Susie Shin Dental Care.

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Dental Savings Plan for Individuals, Families & Businesses – Offered exclusively in San Francisco at Susie Shin Dental Care.


2 FREE healthy cleanings


2 FREE dental exams


FREE set of diagnostic x-rays at first visit


FREE take-home whitening kit OR in-office whitening (+$50)


20% off treatments (paid at time of service)


10% off products offered in the office

San Francisco Dental Insurance Alternative – Call 415.986.6900 or email us now:

Please call or email to learn more about signing up for the San Francisco Dental Savings Plan, offered exclusively at Susie Shin Dental Care.


Dr. Shin is friendly and great at communicating, and the office staff are knowledgeable and go way out of their way to help patients. They are super speedy without compromising accuracy or helpfulness. I always leave Dr. Shin’s office feeling good and smiling wide! 

Claire S.

Exceptionally friendly, efficient, and competent staff. Great use of technology. Wonderful experience!

David O.

Frequently Asked Questions

San Francisco Dental Savings Plan for Individuals, Families & Small Businesses
How much does it cost to sign up for the Dental Savings Plan?

Individual Dental Savings Plan membership is $329 annually, & additional members (parents, spouses/ legally recognized partners and/ or children under 18) can be added for $279 each.  

What is included with Dental Savings Plan membership?

The Susie Shin Dental Savings Plan includes:

  • 2 FREE healthy cleanings
  • 2 FREE dental exams
  • 1 FREE set of diagnostic x-rays required with dental exam
  • 1 FREE take-home whitening kit OR in-office whitening strips (Hydrogen-Peroxide) treatment (+$50)

Members save 20% off any treatments paid at time of service, and 10% off dental products, including Sonicare toothbruses and accessories, various Waterpik products, bleaching materials, Prescription mouth rinses and pastes, etc.

Does the Dental Savings Plan have a waiting period?

One of the major difference between the Dental Savings Plan and more traditional dental insurance options is the lack of a waiting period. Once membership fees have been paid, the savings are instant. 

Is the Dental Savings Plan available for small businesses and their employees?

Yes. The Dental Savings Plan is a great way to offer your employees dental care and coverage without having to deal with the time and hassle of picking and purchasing the right coverage, and having to deal with the hassles of an insurance company.

Can I combine the Dental Savings Plan benefits with my regular dental insurance?

No. Dr’s Shin’s Dental Savings Plan is a great alternative to traditional insurance. Our plan is an annual dental membership plan for families, individuals, and small businesses that allows all our Members to receive quality dental services at greatly reduced prices. Unlike conventional insurance plans, there are no deductibles, no yearly maximums, and no waiting periods to begin treatment. You work directly with our office to discuss treatment options, and there are no unexpected financial surprises. We are not able to combine these benefits with that of any dental insurance plan.

Dental Savings in San Francisco

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